Normal Maps and adding details via adding mesh shapes


I have a question about adding detail to a low res model to make a high rez model for the purposes of baking a normal map.

When I add detail via add mesh shapes to the existing mode (for example adding a cylinder along a wall to represent a wire) it will not bake that additional geometry into the normal map.

Is there a way to make this work?

I know that I can sculpt in the detail, but I find this to imperfect. For example when adding screws to a metal plate its very difficult to keep them the same size (even using anchor).

I know I can also extrude the faces and then shape what I need from that, but that ends up being pretty hard in some cases.

Just to ensure you understand what I mean, going to explain it in a little more detail :slight_smile:

Going back to the example of adding screws heads to a metal plate… I tried making a screw heads from a sphere cut in half and added a little detail… then re-sized and oriented it to the metal plate. Then I copied that same screw into several locations, and finally joined them via ctrl+j to the new high rez copy of my model. Then I would select the high rez, and low rez model to bake the normals, but don’t see the screw heads in the normal itself…

I even tried to join the screw heads into the metal plat by merging a couple vertices after subdividing the face several times, but still no go.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Very kewl! That is exactly what I was looking for… thank you so much :slight_smile: