Normal Maps, Displacement Maps, Specular Maps, etc.

Hello everyone,

I was referred to a piece of software called Crazy Bump to assist with creation of displacement, normal, specular and other maps. It’s ridiculously seamless and easy to use. That said, it’s $300. :mad:

I’ve tried others. xNormal… not as seamless, and fairly complicated. ShaderMap V2, demo version doesnt allow exporting of images (and it’s $40.)

Just a few questions…

  1. Are there any free or OpenSource Alternatives to CrazyBump; software that can produce various maps based on an image.
  2. If no alternatives, does anyone know of any decent Gimp Plugins that do three functions (normal/displace/specular)? I’ve tried NormalMap generator plugin, and although great, it won’t produce spec/disp. maps.

Any comments would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!
Maybe try that one if you can figure out the process - it does show that it can alter bitmaps you input yourself

Yes, the pro version of Crazybump is $299, but the personal version “only” costs $99, and if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong) that one can be used commercially up to making $200.000 a year. Which btw is a #censored# lot of money…