Normal Maps: Game Engine > Renderer

Based on a problem addressed & ignored at this thread.

After several weeks of headaches with blender’s normal map shader, I found out about the game engine’s use of GLSL materials and decided to render a ghost off of halo 2. To my surprise, not only did it run at full quality at an even 60 fps, the normal maps displayed correctly at each face.

Why is blender’s game engine utilizing normal maps better than the rendering engine? Will the game engine’s utilization of normal maps be incorporated into the rendering engine?

Yay! This problem is still being ignored!

Lol, man I have no idea I just need to break the chain of ingnorance.

man i didn’t even know that you can render your game. how?

I have just used images with ‘normal map’ set and didn’t have any headaches when I used them before.

Are you sure they’re set to tangent space?