Normal maps VS displacements (Nodes)

Hi! I’ve found this problem. At node setup of a diffuse material there are two different things - normal map at the material node and the displacement node at the material output. They operate really different. How do they work and what is the difference between them? Even more stranger is that if I add a normal it overrides the effect of a displacement. Thanks in advance!

Good question. I’d like to know too. Anybody got a handle on this?

Lengo, thanks for your support! Still no answers tough… :confused:

This is my understanding on this matter.



You don’t have to add a “bump” node either multiply, this topic is more about how things work exactly, but thanks for the reply. I haven’t knew about “true”,"bump, “both” stuff. So if we convert it we get quite the same thing, but how does “normal” take a bitmap image without bump map? Why displacements work without it and what is the difference? Thanks!

I am running into the same problem. When I add a normal map it overrides my displacement. Have you found a way around this?

Adding both seems to do the best. Just normals sometimes looks crazy in darker areas (low detail shows up). I’m not sure about it :smiley:

Top example is not set up correctly. Should be non-color data from the normal map image texture (yes, even though it’s a color output going to a color input).