Normal Maps---YAFRAY

Could you help please?
I did some tests with proper normal maps with BI and the results were good. I then did some tests with YAFRAY and although there seems to be alot going on in the Fake Pass when using the Normal Map, the final result hasn’t changed. So, does YAFRAY support Normal Mapping? I searched google but didn’t find much.
Its strange, because i used a Normal map in Yafray last night and the results were really good, however im now thinking that these may have been caused by other channels or the bump map.
Anyway, if you could shed a little light, it would be appreciated.
Thnx for reading.

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Um, the short answer is yup, Yafray handles normal maps just fine. I’ve just tried it with 2.45 in windoze and it’s all a go here.

I just chucked suzanne into zbrush and added some swirls then exported the normal map.
Fired it up in blender internal - cool magool, no problem. Switched to yafray - veeeeeery slow and no normal map. Hmmm. I checked the console for messages and there was one that seemed to be complaining that the normal map wasn’t a TGA (it was a tiff)

So I saved it as a tga in gimp and tried again - fine!!(speed and result) Tried saving again as a jpg - also fine (at about 1/100th - 1/300th the file size - 11.2kb 512x512 jpg VS 3.00mb 1024x1024 tiff VS 1.01mb 1024x1024 tga)

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I’ll try converting it to a TGA first and see how i go.
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It’s a pleasure to help.
I just came back to mention that I’d forgotten to say that when using Blender Internal, you need to have the Nor button in the inverted position (yellow lettering light button) but when you use Yafray, you need to put it back into normal mode (White lettering dark button)