Normal maps

Hello, is there any Python scripts or some other ways to create a normal map like on image bellow???

I would be gratefull for any links on this topic related to blender .)

Here ya go: Normal Maps

Here is a how-to I wrote up on it:

the link in the post above this one only demonstrates how to “object space” normal map, which would be fine for a statue, but since it looks like you want to rig a character, the link I provided is better for your purpose. I may end up going back to meLODy however, because it might actually map better… I’ll have to build an organic model to test this.

Hey… thanks a lot.
Pardon me, and what does “meLODy” stand for???

ok .))) I’ve got what “meLODy” is from your tut .)))

Thanks again, great tut .)))

Well, thanks a lot for shareing with BRayBaker… it’s a great tool but i’ve got some problem using it… i’ll try to figure it out by means of image .)

So… as we can see on ZOOM the UV coordinates are generated not really correct… theres a little offset… i’ve set background color to red to make it more obviouse… And as a result a red line appiares at the textured model…

Is there any way to avoid such a result???

I’ve tried following to reduse this result :
1. Set quality to 100%
2. Turn OSA off

Thanks for any replyes

as I said int he how to, set your background color to a darker version of the main color, or if you are normal mapping, to 128-128-256 blue

the reason I like BRay Baker is because of the way it handles seams.

What does the model you are testing look like?

another good way it simply to do larger renders, like 1024 or 2048

also, have you checked to see what it looks like in realtime…the seams may not be as noticaebale.

Well I’ve got about bg-color for normal map… i’m just playing around with the script - it could bu usefull for shadow maps or something like this… also - it’s good point to bake some model with OA for future use in some game project or something like this…

This is a map sized to 1012… it’s pretty big for using in games =||| And as you can see - theres red lines on the edges…