normal maps

can blender use the grayscale normal maps or does it need those colored pickish looking ones?

You can tick ‘normal map’ for a black and white image, but it will look like crud if you set the nor value to what you want, the multi-color maps don’t do this.

ok thanks

though is it possible for me to make a colored bumpmap from a texture like the grayscale ones

yes, just find a normal map generator. I know there are some for gimp, and for photoshop.

hey cool looked it up thanks didn’t even know those existed

ok ive got a lto of questions since i havent been here or up to date on things much. so if u dont mind ill ask them here instead of on a new thread.

i got the new blender and it crashed do i need the new python?(im using python 2.5.4 and i have Vista if that helps any)

ill most likely have a few more later