Normal Maps

I have been trying to get a deep normal map for a wall texture, like the image seen below. However even after numerous attempts, useing blurs, makeing the image greyscale and changeing the lighting I have been unable to make my wall as deep, I have duplicated the depth map of the normal lowered the detail map however the wall seems to always stay flat.

I understand that my wall texture has been created from a very neat wall however I have used other wall textures and still aquired the same result.


First of all, some more info on how you’re using normal maps would be good. But also notice that on your reference image the wall has specularity. Shininess usually helps emphasize surface variation faked with normal maps.

I first just created the normal map and applied it in blender but then took it across to unity, the print screen is possibly not the best example of my wall.

here is another wall I tried out assumeing that it might have been the texture not the map.
I have also played around with specular lighting on my first wall however I may need to add a specular map to work alongside the bump.

I know that the image below has not had any blur on it so its kind of rough and I understand that that may have caused the map to be flatter however that should not be the case on my other wall’s.


Im createing the normal maps with a Gimp plugin and I think that has something to do with it aswell because when I use blenders “normal” setting on the texture (not the normal map) the texture output seems alot better (not tried this on the wall yet but seems to be better on a concrete texture) below are the results.

The blury normal is the gimp normal the flat texture is obvioustly without any normal and the other floor is the blender “normal” setting.

How would you lot go about createing a normal for these textures so that I can compare?


What are you using? Blender Game Engine? Blender Render? How do you set up your normal maps? Can you show a screenshot of settings or post a .blend via As I said, without at least some of this info, there’s not much to go on.

Did you activate “Normal Map” in the “Image Sampling” tab in the texture options?

Sorry for not reaplying have not looked at the post for a while sorry about that I have been bussy, ok I have used blenders game engine for the renders above. The Normals work in unity.

here are the prints:
The normal is set on the normal map and on the defuse its not.
Sorry for the lack of information.


and no I dident in image sampleing, thanks for that, sorry such a small little thing sorry for being a pain and for wasteing your time.
Thanks again.

I’m not sure you can really say you wasted anyone’s time. But in the future keep in mind that providing all possible information will result in quicker response, and hopefully solution :slight_smile: