"normal node" for strand render

i tried to use normal node like the image below. and the normal isn’t look right for me . it has different direction compared to another object (mesh render).

i hope you could help me here guys. thanks

I’m not sure if your issue results from using different engines for rendering different elements, but I recently noticed that “normal” pass from internal and cycles are totally different. After some tests I realized that internal gives “camera” normals and cycles gives “global” normals. It’s good and bad at the same time: bad because of inconsistency, good because we can get more data simply by using two engines.
Does your issue come from using two engines?

@BartekSkorupa: thanks for reply.
i only use blender internal render engine to render it and i want to use “normal” pass to add some light effect in compositing node.
honestly, i don’t really know about “camera” normal and global normal.

In your case maybe recalculating normals of your mesh would help. I’m not sure, just guessing. Try to go to edit mode, select all vertices and hit Ctrl-N. Will it help?

i’ve try to flip and or recalculating it, and it didn’t flip the “normal” node.
fliping the face normal only flip the strands direction.

i wonder how blender internal render “normal” pass for strands render,
and why the “normal” pass for strands render is different from mesh “normal” pass?