Normal pass

Hello !
How to change the light with normal pass using Blender nodes system?
I will become some similar to Eyeon Fusion Deep Pixel node .
This is a Dvd ,see sample movie ,how to get the same efekt in node system (if possible offcourse) ,cheers !.

Search BN for an article on this.

Ok i have another question, how to export a file (with information about normals) to use in Fusion like in the sample Video ,i try to save normal map from nodes in openexr format but it doesn’t work ,have anybody a idea how work that properly ?cheers.

You have to use the “Multi Layer” option. This is multiple layer, multiple pass OpenExr. Otherwise simply connect the normal pass to either the compositor or a file output node, select your format of choice and import the result into Fusion. Note that the file output node does not provide the same array of options for saving files as rendering via the composite node.