Normal Problem

Hey there…

I have the following Problem:
I modeled this church with creating vertices and faces. But now, when i want to close the Object the following missdraws happen. What is the problem? I have all normals pointing outwards! Any suggestions?


You probably either have:

  1. A case where you have multiple faces in the same location, or in some other way a non-manifold mesh. To correct it either select the non-manifold portions (the option is in one of the menus in the 3D header) or just manually wiggle a vertex around the offending area and make sure it doesn’t have more faces than you’d expect coming off of it.

  2. You may hive hit ‘Set Smooth’ accidentally (or Blender made the new vertices smooth), while you want it ‘Set Solid’ (less sure on this one).

Indeed, from the screenshot you attached it looks like some of the selected vertices are not properly linked with neighbours. Try selecting all of your mesh and then hit “remove doubles”. Have you tried working in “automerge editing” mode? For me very useful in avoiding similar issues.


When i select the non-manifold vertices, what should i do then? Manually wiggling the vertices doesnt show me that something is wrong. Very weird.

droddl, just in case you missed this:

  1. In edit mode select all verts
  2. Ctrl+N > Recalculate Normals Outside

Hope it helped
/ Mats