Normal problems (total nooby)

Is there a proper way to do mirror modelling? im trying to model a wave runner, and have got half of it. When i duplecate and flip, it all looks great until i goto smooth mode. I get a horrible crease where the meshes meet. I know they look ok in render but his is a low poly object for a game, it cannot have this crease problem.
So far i have tried:
-Method described above,
-Method above in editmode by duping verts & recalculating normals
-Boolean>union (doesnt seem to add all of the meshes just bits and peices)
-searching everywhere in the gui for anything related to the word normal
-Drawing weird symbols on the floor and sacrificing my hair to the god of Ivenocluewhatimdoingimuth.

Being a noob myself, I’m guessing here that what you’re seeing isn’t a “normal” problem, but duplicate vertis at the centerline.

(I’m assuminig this is all one object and not two seperate ones really close together.)

try going into edit mode, select all the vertices, and do the remove doubles option. hopefully you have placed your duplicate close enough to the original that the overlapping vertices will get detected.

Once you’ve duplicated, flipped, and positioned the other half , you then have to scale the center vertices to 0 along the axis that you are mirroring and remove doubles (‘W’, ‘Remove Doubles’).

Select all the vertices and re calculate the normals again.

Great stuff, worked fine :smiley: