Normal smooth 6 is out (help bughunt!)

Hola folks.

I just updated the Normal Smooth script which has proven to be quite popular. With good reason I think… since it does some nice smoothing.

You can find it here:

Now there was an issue previously. It really didn’t smooth larger flat surfaces nicely… like the sides of cubes that were subdivided lots, that has been solved.

You can see some of my recent results here:

I’d love to really ‘finish’ this script, so please do test and hunt for bugs… And post here if you find any… or just show me some images… It’s always nice to see the tools you make being used.


Works Great! Thank you for this great script!!!

All my compliments Macouno: another great script from you !
I’ll try to find some time to test it i promise !

It’s always nice to see the tools you make being used.

I couldn’t agree more ! I have made 2 scripts myself (see sig) and i love it when someone shows a work on which it has been used !

Good work macouno! I copied your script into all of my blender builds. Here’s my test:

The differences are most obvious in the silhouette, the digits and the AO patterns.

The mesh was Subsurfed (Simple Subdiv) to over 23,000 faces, so as to retain hard edges. The script was applied to the entire mesh at 1 iteration . . . it took a little time, but produced a very nice result. The Blender internal smoothing was also applied once (multiple applications made it look better, but also removed some muscle detail and overly thinned the digits).

I’ll let you know if I come across any bugs. And thank you for this useful tool!

Ooh yeah that is a nice example. Funny… I really wrote the script because I just wanted to smooth a couple of edge loops… not whole models! :wink:

Yeah, I figured as much from your sample images . . . but I wanted to see how far it could be pushed! :eyebrowlift: After my test, I don’t imagine it would have any trouble with a few edge-loops (of course, bugs could creep up in certain situations).

Thanks again!

Hey macouno. I tried your script on a human-body mesh and it is a great tool when regular mesh smooth tends to give worse results. Thank you.