Normal, Specularity maps in Game Engine?

Hi, guys. I was searching the forum, but havent found exactly what i need.

Q: Can be normal maps or specularity maps used on lowpoly models in Game Engine (and would it work during a game)? And if yes, can someone, please, post a picture of the material settings? Should I turn “Use Blender Materials” setting off?

Sorry, if this question was posted manytimes. Thanks for help.

You’ll have to write your own GLSL shader to do spec maps unfortunately. Although, there is a good parallax GLSL shader with a tutorial to boot on the site here:

Alot of people have asked this already, its best to look around before you start a new thread!

There is a demo file available from Its in the download under 2.42,in the graphic test files they used to test that blender.

One is called bumpmap and the other is parralaxbumpmap

I have done it before, in the materials and its not that difficult. But I dont use materials so I dont remember how to do it, lol.

One thing about using bumpmaps in the materials, you have to be careful of the camera angle. You can see the depth if you are say, direct on looking at the top from the side, as there really are no bumps.

Oh theres a tut for this, I forgot, lol. I gave the link a while back in a different post. Maybe search here for bumpmap.

You also, might look at snailroses tut on lighting, as it uses the materials to combine effects too.

Hope that helps.

Oh also, you can use more than one uvmap and use a bumpmap for one of them. You have to be careful how they stack though. The topmost image being almost transparent and the next less, etc. I have not done this either.

Thanks for your advices guys, it helped me.