Normal texture - diagonal black shadow (EEVEE 2.8)

I’ve searched google to find answer to my recent problem, but I still cant figure it out. I have a textures set (albedo, roughness and normal). When i apply them, and the light source is close to the mesh, I get diagonal black shadow. Can anyone help me fix this? Ive tried inverting normals, tried color and non-color setting, checked eevee rendering settings and shadow settings, added “normal mpa” node between normal map image and normal node in BSDF. Please help.

Here is my blend file:

working fine for me. are you suing the latest build?

I’ve downloaded newer version and everything is fine.
I’m sorry I’ve wasted Your time.
My previous release was from may 5th. Ive updated that day when I encountered this problem. Sine than I was looking for solution. I didnt thought that it would be fixed so fast. Im amazed with blender community once again.

Could be related to the issue I have with bump maps from color data textures on the may 9th build.

no problem, it’s blender specific seeing changes almost from day to day :slight_smile:

I got used to checking developer notes almost on a bi-weekly basis to see what’s changed. Probably as soon as we have a 2.80 stable we won’t have such issues/drastic changes.