Normal wifi routers vs google nest devices and similar

Does anybody have some experience with wifi devices like nesting routers (google Netgear etc) vs normal single but strong wifi routers?

Do you really want Google to be in your router?

lol true - I guess I just used this as an example of those nest systems.
Google is just one

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i like normal routers since often you can find a good variety that is dd-wrt compatible. with the way of things going, its only going to get harder to have full ownership of your hardware.

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You have plenty of reasons to be suspicious of “Googles bearing gifts.” If your house can’t be adequately covered by one wireless router, it’s really not too difficult to run a CAT-5 conventional cable between more than one of them.

We had some bad experience with netgear routers overtime always dying

What is a good model or brand right now you would suggest ?

This is for a friend who has his wood shop outside the house and would like to have access to internet in both places

I suggested to just get a big router with a large range