Normalmap node problem

Could you please help me fixing this?

Some more info would be helpful:
“Blender Game Engine Add-On Node Normalmap Problem” : Do you mean some Add-On/Plug-in is involved?

What addon - I didn’t type add-on. That’s error. I changed the title. It is basic node editor.

In the material node editor there is no tangent-space node, so no matter how you try to connect things up you won’t pull it off, trust me, I’ve spent a lot of time trying in the past. But the workaround is simply: make a new material in the material slots with the normal map applied (not in the node editor) and then build that material into your node tree. You need more info, say so.

I need it in nodes as multiple materials need to take one normalmap input. So I need tangent space calculation? I’ll look for it on google.

Also mind that there’s an old bug, which have been reported over and over again in the last 3 years, that prevents you from using multiple UV-map or multiple vertex color layers in the material node editor, BGE will always use the active UV-layer on the mesh (if nodes are involved) - it looks like everything’s okay in the viewport until you start the game engine. The workaround in this situation: you can use the vector -> mapping node to make some basic transformation to your UV-map, if you want more UV-maps. Or/And you can use vertex colors for simle textures e. g. a mask/stencil.

You can still make a material with multiple normal maps, or mix multiple materials with one normal map each in the node editor. But in either case, the bug I mentioned above will prevent you from using multiple UV-maps. If you can’t make it without more UV-maps, tangent calculation may be your only choice, but who knows for sure…

Why would it need multiple UV maps?

I wrote IF you need. If you don’t need, there’s no problem, you can make everything. I wrote it because I don’t know what exactly you’re doing.

I just need someone to tell tangent space calculation node now so that I can use the normalmap.

What part exactly to take a look at?

You can plug the normal map into a material and then use the normals output of a material node to plug into the normals input of anything else, which is the easiest to set up but not ideal if you need more than two normal maps (since you need a separate material for each one). A few weeks ago I pulled the tangent space calculation part of the file helluvamesh linked to and put it into an easy-to-use group, but it’s on my computer at home so I can’t post it here just yet; as a heads up though it does use two materials of its own so if you have only one or two normal maps to deal with it’d be more efficient to just give them their own materials.

The tangent part, I guess.

Having a material with the normalmap in it as input for other material’s normal was the right fix. Thank you:)

OK! Now a problem again - what can I do so that I can affect normal value in node editor?

If by “affect” you mean “reduce”, you can plug it into a color mix node and plug any other normals (EG the normals from a geometry input node) into the other slot, and mix between the two. If you want to increase the effect of the normal map you might have to start with a steeper or more severe map, and then mixing backwards from there.

Nope, I tried this, but I get no results.