Normals artifacs, weird render.

Hello everyone,

I did some chair “high poly” and its relative lowpoly mesh, but when I bake the normals I have some artifacts:



In red are the artifacts. I baked them in Xnormal. I tried Blender cycles but it baked very awful normals. I applied the same origin for every object (hi and low poly) and the scale/location/rotation was applied for everyone. No modifiers in the stack. The hipoly is 3 object and 5 mesh two of them are individual and fully closed and stacked one on top each other, while the lowpoly is a single one and not very tidy. It has many holesand it is not perfecly sealed. This problematics areas are the seating and the back resting cushion.

Render and the problems:

Those two in the bottom left are NOT seams.

So the big question: what I am getting wrong? :smiley: