Shit !!!

I thought i knew the thing !!!

I got this:

and that:
shit.blend (1.7 MB)

and this as a result…

mesh ‘deforms’ (from bump) appear… errr… in fact they do not appear !!!

why !!!

anyone got an idea ?
Obviously i missed something

as a side question: i’d like to use heightmaps instead of normalmaps. does anyone know how to change bumps to heights ?
i want big fabric waves ( from bumpmap ) to make ‘shadows’…
( just guessing i still have a lot to learn !!! :frowning: )

thx in advance and happy blending :slight_smile:

You did not pack your textures so nobody can test things in your file, but I notice you forgot to set your normal map node to “non color data”

Normal maps do not include height information, only angles. There is not an simple way to make true mesh displacements from normal maps. You can try using the normal map or a single channel of the map as a displacement. It sometimes looks good.

oww i just forgot to choose the UV in the normal map node :confused:
now it works fine :slight_smile:

thx @J_the_Ninja

happy blending !

And the UVmap that comes with the mesh is not correct for the texture you posted…

It did not work for me. You can send the arranged file to learn please.