Normals don't match across Mirroring

The mesh pictured is a Mirrored (Modifier) mesh before Application:

Note how the Normals don’t match between the two side.

While I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable mathematical reason for this, I don’t think it’s what users would or should expect.

Why aren’t the normals identical across the reflection divide?

you should report a bug and see what they are answering

Ugh. Sick of being a beta tester.

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how many times have you been a beta tester so far?

Hmm…I can’t consider that a bug as the normals are calculated from position and in this case, the position is still in the original mirrored mesh…as soon as you apply the modifier they align as they should…Now for those that have a non-destructive workflow… ???
But slapping on a normal map, they are mirrored just fine…

Which is why I said:

IMO, that’s a programmer excuse, “They’re calculated from where the originals are…”. For users, it doesn’t make sense: a Mirror should MIRROR.

Maybe four times. With Blender it’s continuous.