normals not behaving on generic un-mod'd objects,

hey all

those pesky normals are at it again!

I created a circle. extruded it on the z axis then extruded again and sized it in some to create a ring (for a circus). then hit smooth shading, as per usual.

when the smooth shading is introduced the normals just go crazy. ive hit flip and recalculate several times but it barely does anything.

i had this problem yesterday on a resized cube. all i did was resize it and hit smooth again.

these are just basic shapes. whats going on?

It would be helpful if you could tell us which version of blender you are using, and if you could upload the blend files with objects acting strange. When you extrude a circle, the normals will act a bit strange, but When I tested it in Blender 2.56, recalculating normals fixed the problem.

Ctrl-N fixed it for me too. However try also Ctrl-A in object mode, then apply the Loc Rot & Scale.