Normals not looking good in Blender

Hi, I was importing some textures from substance into blender and realized that they doesn’t look the same. so the problem is mainly with normals. The textures was exported from substance sampler using the blender preset (this sets the normals to opengl format), and imported in blender setting everything as it should be (non color data etc). Here are the comparison images:

So the weird thing are the bumps of the paint texture, in sampler they looks realistic and in blender they look like washed out, with low quality. This is something i think i was dealing with no mayor problem but it was there always, but now i was comparing in a closer look (the HDRI is the same in both SW) and realised that there is something wrong with blener normal processing.

What do you think? i’m doing somethig wrong?

Ok im still investigating and i tried to import the textures exported from Sampler again to Sampler as a new material, and it actually looks identical to blender, so the problem is when exporting the textures from substance Sampler

Problem solved! the bit depth of the normal map wasn’t high enough, the preview inside sampler is processed at 16bpc, but exported at 8bpc. manually exporting the normal map to a hi bit format made it look like inside sampler.