Normals pass as like matcap

Im not formiliar with Cycles and im wondering how i can get the normal pass to look like the matCap. I believe the difference is that normal pass with cycles is world related and the other one is either camera or object related. Im use to the other with a different engine i use.

Is it possible to convert the normal pass somehow?

What im looking for

What Cycles normal pass looks like

Different render engine normal pass

After some google work, ive found this post. But that is mimicing it with a material. I wonder if this is possible with the normal output from cycles

What i got using this mat

This isn’t possible at the moment, you have to make a material and maybe use material override on a renderlayer if you have multiple objects or you want to use the normal output along with a regular render. In that case you need 2 renderlayers

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Do you happen to know why Blender uses a different approach on for the normal pass?

Both WorldSpace and ScreenSpace normals can be useful to do some relighting in comp.
I think I read somewhere that eventually both should be available in cycles at render time.
But I don’t know what has motivated the choice toward WorldSpace. I guess in some way it’s more natural for relighting, as light stay static no-matter-what Camera angle is used.
I tend to prefer to think in 2D for that and adjust the light in screen space. I don’t use WorldSpace normals but I’m sure a more clever mind could take advantage of it.

If your plan is to export some normal maps, you can use the normal matcap that is available in the workbench engine.
If you want to do some relighting in screenspace in another software, you can still use the matcap but you may need to do some value shifting to correct the gamma and remap it between -1 and 1.

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Thanks for the help @sozap ill hope ill keep this info in my head :wink:
Ill use the mat setup i showed. The matcap is just a lowres image.