[Normals] Problem with normal directions

Hi all, I have this problem:

The normals are facing outwards so that is not the problem. As you can see the normals are not perpendicular to the face.
I want to make hair on the butterfly, but that cannot be done like this… the strands are pointing in the nomal direction and that direction is off.

I’ve tried to add wind but that does not do a well enough trick…
What am i doing wrong? The body was a cylinder at first, added a coupke if loopcuts and started moving the verts.

Is there a way to adjust the direction? or is it only possible to flip em.

What happens if you select all faces and use Ctrl-N to recalculate the normals?

Did you start from a plane? Sometimes this causes the object to still think it’s got zero thickness in one direction – just go to the object mode and hit ctrl-a (i think – apply scale/rot?) and see if that helps.

I’ve never noticed the normals (or been looking) but i’ve gotten some totally funkular shading because of that, and I imagine it’s the same thing.

hit ctrl-a (i think – apply scale/rot?)

That’s exactly what you need to do when normals aren’t normal, as in this case.

The normals are pointing outwards so that command did not do anything for me here

Cool mate. that worked! thanks
I scaled the base object (a cylinder) quite a bit, But i did not realize that i had to apply the scale and rotation. Is that for normals only?
But thanks again.

if you have manifold faces then you may have to flip the normals manually

Nah, it’s for any time you want to make the object’s axis the same as the global one and make the local coordinate space have the same unit scale as the global one. You may have noticed, if you take the default cube and scale it to .25 in object mode, you can then go into edit and grab a face and do ‘g z z 4’, say, and it will only look like it’s moving one unit up even tho you said four :).

It’s useful for finalizing an object that you’re going to animate or make copies of if you’ve used anything but grab on them in object space an want those changes to be relevant.