normals problem

my normals are different between texture view in 3d window and game engine

I have to flip them so they are not visible in the 3d window in order for them to be visible in the game.

Is this another ATI card incompatibility problem (was fine in previous version of blender). Which makes me think that each new version is getting less and less compatible with ATI (and possibly windows) which is a real shame :frowning:

sorry to bump, but this is driving me mad if anyone has an answer :slight_smile:

I had the same problem once. I don’t know what the answer to fixing it is but it isn’t an ATI problem because when it happened to me I was using a GeForce chip (laptop).

Yep, I’ve had that problem. The way I deal with it is I apply scale and rotation of everything. Things normally flip after some change. It’s annoying. But I have nVidia, so it’s not a problem with you graphics card, but I am a windows user too… Maybe a problem there.

thanks… I’ll try that. Im sure this is a new problem with this version…