normals question

hey is there a way to get all the normals for the vertices on a line to point to the next vertice on the line? I am trying to make a chain and I want the different links to follow the line and such…

anybody… feel free to reply… anyone at all…

You are getting no answers because your question doesn’t make sense. What’s a “line”? Is it an edge or a path. If you are trying to make a chain or tank tread etc. there are tutorials for this and normals have nothing to do with it. Type “tank and track” in search.


See how to use Dupliframes in the docs. You use a curve for what you call a line and make a mesh object one link of your chain. Parent the mesh to the curve, turn on dupliframes and for every knot along the curve the chainlink is pseudo-copied.


I think i did something similar to that but not quite… I’ll go try it

GreyBeard is way too modest, but he did an excellent video tutorial on dupliframing:

sorry my question was kind of bad, I was tryin to make a chain and I couldn’t get them to all follow the direction of the line, like they would all be pointing all over the place and such… but anyways… I’ll DL the video tut later when I’m at home… GO VIDEO TUTS! WOOOO!!! thanks for ur help :slight_smile:

ok I think I got it THANKS FOR THE MAKIN THE VIDEO TUT GREYBEARD! thanks for postin it too Dyeater… happy blending