I just modelled half of a head to post on the “works in progress” thread <my first ever model> because skontar pressured me into it, but i accidentally modelled it “inside out” so to speak, and the normal is on the inside. i cant figure out how to change it, i tried the Edit Mode>W-KEY>reverse normals or something like that, but it didnt help at all. any ideas?

maybe you could try one of the following:

  • Ctrl-Nkey: recalculate normal outsite
  • Shift-Ctrl-Nkey: recalculate normal inside

in Edit Mode with all or part of the vertex selected.


Edit Mode>W-KEY>reverse normals should work, but you need to have all the verts selected first that you want to reverse. Hitting the A-KEY will select them all for you. You also will need all of the verts selected before you use CTRL-N to recalculate the normals if you choose to do it that way (which is recommended)