is there a way to get all normals at the outside?

cuz i’m not getting it right.



Select the faces you want to change over in face-mode, hit tab to go into face-edit-mode. Hit W and choose invert normals or something like that- it should flip them. Also Ctr + N supposively works but it seems to work only sometimes for me.

Also, if the above fails, try assigning all faces to twosided. :wink:

yesyes, i know how to flip them, but how do you make sure all of them are watching one side, its not that easy in a compicated mesh to get the right one…

Control N works. Make sure your in edit mode. hit “a” so all the vertices are selected, then hit control n and ok it.

hey cool thanks. i tried ctrl+n but not in edit mode, thats also why it only seems to be working sometimes for gaulid i asume ^^

thanx guys i realy didn’t find anything on this :wink: