Normipäivä - The Day without any Problems

Normipäivä was made for educational purpose to show you how NOT to handle a forklift. This video here is only a short trailer of the full length (3 minutes) movie.

Blender 3D, a free open source software, was the main program in the production. All the modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering was done within it. Normipäivä was made before Cycles was born and that’s why Normipäivä was rendered with Blender internal renderer.

Of course the bullet physics was used very much in the production to simulate all that crashing and falling.

Right on! Looking forward to the full video! That must be a fun video to make, all the forklift mess ups you can do :slight_smile:

Hehe, nice! Reminds me of this.

WARNING! It’s gory…

Cool video Tuuba. Ben that video is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Good modeling and fantastic animation! And really funny!

Thanks everybody! Oh, and shibazz, well… umm… I made an mistake for calling this a trailer, because this is all I’m allowed to show public :frowning:

And yes, it was fun to make it. Me and my client we just thought over every standard forklift accidents and then I reproduced them with Blender. This is couple of years old, so I really can’t remember clearly how did I make the animation, but I think I used bezier curves and lot of emptys constrainted with them.

Actually the funny thing is I had to export things from 2.5 to 2.49 to use Bullet physics, because the 2.5 was so early beta stage in those day. Actually it was fun at all… :slight_smile:

I’m the most proud of the lighting. There is load of point lights to reproduce indirect lighting. That’s why the rendering times were quite long in spite of only a few polygons (about 600 000 four siders).

hehe very nice. i resemble that vid

Unexpectedly amount of people seem to have some confluence with forklifts :slight_smile: