Norroa - Space Engineer - Female Character

Norroa is my new fictional character and also the first female character I have worked on. Modeling, sculpting, grooming, rigging and rendering done in Blender 2.81. Textures made in Substance Painter and clothes from Marvelous. Thanks to this project I finally got deeper into rigging and blend shapes for characters, this was a good practise since this character include elements off all kind, hard surface, organic, hair and lots of cloth layers and accesories.

Here there are some close up renders:

And these are some screenshots showing my scene and assets. At the end I would like to write some tips and tricks to get done stuff



  • Making the braid was partly a lot of experimenting. I know there are ways to create the basic shape using curves but after reading the Blender documentation and some forums I managed to make a whole braid using only one hair guide, which was nice since I can position it as I want when I need it. In a nutshell, you have to play around with the kink and the clumping curve so you get the pattern and shape along the braid right.

  • At the moment of designing the hand, it was surprisingly helpful to sculpt on the original human hand, this way I had the liberty to make creases and shapes into the model and not worry about modeling or boleeans just to get an idea.

  • Shoes and boots look way nicer when you model them by part. In the past I used to do a basic shape with subdivision, but dividing the obejct into 2 or 3 parts is very pleasing to the eye.

  • To attach objets which are not supposed to by deformed to a rig, you can make a cage deform mesh and use it to deform small polygons that mark the position of each object. You can parent each object to their corresponding polygon so that they will follow transform and rotation without deformation

  • I deleted parts of the body that are not visible to prevent intersections and mainly to use the dedicated texture space only for the visible parts. But I suggest keeping the original mesh at hand, since that is the mesh that I used for rigging. It is perfect to try the rig and deal with all kind of deformation tests. After you are happy with the results you can transfer weights from the original body to all parts that should deform with the rig. This will also give you better results since target objects will copy the deformation of how the body would deform - great for layers of clothes or even the chip on the head.

  • Though I love having filmic active in color managment, specially as a fast way of getting a more realistic look, I feel it is good to work with sRGB and change at the end. I encountered a few cases where filmic was limiting my light setup and I did not see exactly what I was doing with those lights.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thanks Bart! I appreciate it. I would like to add tricks and tips to this thread. For anyone interested :smiley:

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Great idea! :slight_smile:

Really fantastic work with lots of interesting design choices well done.

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Thank you! :blush: