Norrolith's corner.

Hello all, just though I would get some critiques on some of my works.
I will post more as I make them.
In the meantime let me know what can be improved.

Images being re found! Be back soon!

Single frame from an particle expirement

And the spiritaul ancestor of my first image.
any advice on a good way to scale an image down to post it here?

tried making one look more broken down.

Any idea how to have a material take a specific UVmap?
there were several involved in this image,
I could not get the texture to follow the unwrapping for it, instead of for the displace.
and finally, just playing around with extra objects

Edge rendered UV sculpt.
with out shadeless it looks great.

More renders! same object two angles.


Random stuff.
keeping this active.

Even though I have no clue what some of these things are I must say I like them. Or at the very least it’s visually appealing. Nice work :o

more greebles, this one starting form a torus.
Think I might make a greeble snake next time.

Very nice!

More and more edge rendered stuffs.

Edit fixed, I hope

Here we go again, lot of droids.

I had a simulation of zero gravity rock tumbles go whacky but I pulled this out of it.
the rock are made using spelle’s tutorial

Started trying to sculpt things. couldn’t do a mouth that even looked real so I came up with this concept.
also managed to throw in a bit of SSS, not sure why it didn’t work when I tried it before.

Did you ever resolve this? This might be what you are looking for:

Thank you for finding that, I could not figure out how it selected which maps.
Will try some of that later, once I try some more sculpts.

Another doodle
trying to recreate a Halloween mask I made a while ago. any advice on re-topology, so I can paint it?

Cool sketchbook, Norrolith.
Having seen your experimentations on other topics, I missed to reply here.
The mask is interesting.
Advices on re topology ?
More specific?

Thanks for stopping by Michalis. I don’t suppose that I really advertise this thread much.
The mask was papaer-mache built on a clay form.
I painted it gray and mottled brown with yellowy green swirls for the eye in semi-reflective paint.
I also put some on the teeth to make them stand out in the mouth.
the sculpt tools are fun and interesting, but (probably because I need to use them more) they aren’t intuitive to me yet.
I might be getting a wacom tablet over the holidays, which might make it more intuitive
As for retopology I was hoping if anyone knew of a good all around beginners tutorial.
As I know what it does, but have no idea how to do it.

edit:looked at this from another screen.
Okay i need to stop talking my self into holding off on purchasing a new monitor.
On the one I have access to the entire lower left side of the image first sculpt is straight black.
and the second sculpt the background looks pitchblack.
all the stuff looks washed out. :frowning:

Here, have an ogre. on the house. Ta ta, your problem now.