Norwegian winter scene

And of course 360, and 360 3D:

Modeling - Building: Revit (IFC import); Other: Blender
People - are textures from Nonscandinavian, randomly populated particles
Other textures - procedural (except bushes)
Snow - particles
Sky - Sky Free Addon
Trees - Sapling Addon
Post production - Blender

Feel free to ask if you need to know more :slight_smile:

Did the Revit elements come in cleanly or was there clean up?

Nice looking renders.

I found nice Revit cleanup pipeline:

  1. Join all the IFC imported geometry (except bounding boxex)
  2. Separate by materials (optionaly merge materials/ materials cleanup script)
  3. for each object i use limited dissolve in edit mode to cleanup geometry ( its more to see it clearly rather than do some real changes in geometry)
  4. Join geometry.
  5. Optionally unwrap some elements that went suprisingly wrong.

For the first time it was some playaround. But when you find the pattern it takes around 10 minutes to update the model.

Similar to the Max to Blender pipeline (obj, fbx or 3ds).

I keep looking for the magic button.

Model looks great.

beautiful renders esp. first two.