Nose and mouth

Hi. I tried my hand at organic modeling, and came up with the following image. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, but I tried to finish it and it looked awful, so I think this is as far as it will get. I just wanted to post a pic, and if anyone wants, I’ll post the .blend and you can do whatever you want with the model so far.


Hey man,

why are yóu so disappointed, looks quite fine. Just keep blendering, at the moment i’am modelling a dragon, made so much mistakes, worked horus and hours and kicked it to the trash again, but i still continue. Don’t stop, would interest me to see the progress.
Would help you where i can

I agree…keep it going…whats the worst that could happen?
experiment with your modeling and Im sure if you need help, people here would be willing to help.

You’ve made the two most difficult parts of the face. The eyelids are the next most difficult. The ears are very complicated but they aren’t technically on the face so I won’t mention them :slight_smile:

What exactly did you try to do next that got you stumped?

I must admit though, I think it would be very difficult to reverse-model a face this way. I assume you have a lot of edges in those two features and all those edges are going to have to travel across and around the face. Is that what made it difficult?

I understand your problem. Because you didn’t use a box-modeling technic, at any point you can easily get stuck. What you have done so far looks great, and I think you would have a hard time getting the same result with box-modeling (every person just has his own favourite technic/approach).

Just keep on trying, with your own approach.

I kinda use the same technic (well… sort of), and I always have a problem finishing the back of a head:

How about posting a close-up wireframe? Then it might be easier to suggest some solutions to what seems to be a common problem. (I suck at closing the back of the head as well.)