Nose Diving (short film)

Nose diving is the story of a downhill race.
Two great guys lent me their voices for this movie: Mr William Lyon and Mr Robert Green. Rob also share his studio, Rob’s Spaceland to make the recording. Again, Hitless let me use another of his incredible songs, On fire, which moves the film to an upper level.

I want to thank the Blender comunity, the LMMS project and the Gimp.

Wow… that was cool :slight_smile: the best part was the car animation :slight_smile: well done there were some parts that felt slow but it had great emotion and a funny ending :slight_smile:

Well done!
Some things could be improved, of course. For example the smoke looks rather unrealistic.
What was unintentionally comical to me was the scene in which the guy in the car shoots the other guy in the foot, because the angle of the gun would make a shot in the head much more believable :wink:

But as I said nice work!

Good story and better timing! on a technical point of view the animation is just acceptable (but I quote natholas, the car animation is pretty good) and the modeling really poor… But I understan that was not meant to be Pixar’s quality and it does well the work!!

Great :slight_smile:

Only crit I have would be the smoke.

Hi all:

Yeah! I understand everything you say, about the animation, about the smoke, the modelling… But I’m a “one man studio!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:
For my next project I’ll try to gather people to improve all this things you point and face a bigger project!!!

thanks for the comments!