Nose Problem

Hello all

I was wondering if I someone could help me with this problem. I have a model here that I’ve been working on and I thought that it was looking fine but to my shock when I pressed Set Smooth. I had a bad crease around the nose. Can some one help me/instruct me on what I can do to fis this problem. I’ve also included the blend file if anyone wants to take a look at the model itself.

Thank you all ahead of time for your help.


Monster.blend (160 KB)

I took a look at the .blend, and tried recalculating normals (Ctrl > N), which got rid of the lines. I tried to see what the cause was for the remaining crease at the top of the nose, but I think that it’s a problem with overlapping edges that messed up the subsurf. I’ll let you deal with that one as I don’t want to fool around with your mesh. But anyway, attached is the updated .blend. Cool model!


Monster.blend (174 KB)