Nostril Ninja

I came up with this idea during math class. Nostril ninja : Strenghts : sharp sense of smell, shoots slimy green projectiles from openings in head. Weaknesses : tissues, nasal spray. Here’s what I have after a few minutes :

I’ll put the original drawing on here later. Feel free to comment on the little I have done. Thanks.

I have finished the basic body. I need to model the katana, then I’ll basically be done, aside from a few minor tweaks. Here’s the update :

Please comment and crit where you see fit. Thanks.

The body and nose model look pretty good however I wouls suggest you adding a small fase with a very big nose. It would be much funnier. Hey please visit my post here in elysium.I am Sma The Greek, and my post is named Creating the face of an alien and it is in the Works in Progress section.

Thanks for the tip SmaTheGreek, but I kinda wanted to stick to the “conceptual art” I had drawn in the middle of 7th period class. Here’s the hand-drawn version :

And I’ll be sure to check out your thread.

EDIT : I’ve changed Nasal Spray from being one of his weaknesses to being his arch-nemesis. And tissues are Nostril Ninja’s kryptonite. Another twist : he is under employment of the secret service. He is the snout from scotland yard.

That’s crazy. I love it.
I’m also vaugely reminded of an Afrin no-drip commercial, hahah.

I’m just curious…
What does the back of nostril ninja’s head look like?

That’s a very good question. Right now it’s a whole lot of nothing. Just a flat surface. What should it look like?



Yeah, pretty good! He’s got a hairy neck :o

no…thats nostril hair…see how its in the nostril :slight_smile:

Hi mindblender post an update when the katana is ready. I visited your site. it was quite interesting. Hey visit please visit my new post at I have made some changes to texturing and the face model.

He’s got a nose for crime…

I haven’t worked on him all that much lately, but here’s what I have done…

…the katana isn’t very detailed, but I don’t think it needs to be. Though it is his weapon of choice, it isn’t going to be really in focus. When visible it will be in motion slashing up the bad guys. And when it’s still enough to be focused on, it will be in it’s sheath on his back. He is in a ready stance. In Japanese its called Junbe(not sure of the spelling, but sounds like JOON-BEE)…but this isn’t the traditional Junbe. I don’t know…but whatever it is called…he’s ready. Please comment on what I have so far.

Now I’m working on the animation. Here what i have so far. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

Click here to watch nostril_ninja

His movement is way too stiff. I’ll start working on that.

that looks great i like the breath he take at the star (thats what it is right?)

ive never done any animation so i cant give you anyhing constructive sry

Aidan - yes, that is a breath, and thank you.

I’ve finished the still image for this project, but once again I have lost the inspiration to finish the video, so I’m moving on to the next subject…Star Wars. Lightsabers, and, with a little work, and a sudden miracle, a Darth Vader helmet. Here’s the final render of the still image…

Still feel free to comment and crit, but I probably won’t get around to fixing anything for a while.