Nosy - Dyntopo & Hair Strand test

This is my last project. All started with a dyntopo sketch.
I hope you like it.
C&C are welcomed. :slight_smile:

Wow… that’s one big nose! Great job!

quite nice. I love the eyes :smiley:

lol, you were ironical right?

nice job! painted skin and no eyes? why?

nicely done ! As doris said, missing eyes.

I did it on purpose but I think is not that obvious. lol.
I wanted him to be that kind of ‘mole’ character with very low sight of vision - > no eyes.
But I see its not working that well.. xD The head mesh doesnt have uvs, its just vertex paint and a noise texture. (I havent retopoed him, only decimate.)

This is really a good work Dude…

cool … brilliant job 5* :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Nita. :slight_smile:

Thanks dude, a lot of the cool stuff are from your feedback. :wink:

Ctadabomb is always ironic.

Great job man!

Very good job!!! Exellent textures!!! I would like to know what render did you use? And if that project was ehole made in Blender?