NOT A BOT [Blender for VFX+ live action]

My college senior thesis.

I did this almost entirely on my own and I want to kill myself. The ADR is way off, but I had half a day to get voices from people who’d since spread out across the country. I was actually gonna put over a VHS filter and muddy up the sound so it seems a bit more “authentic” within the context of its tone, but whatever. I’m just glad it’s done.

Shout out to MasterXeon1001 for his HardOps plugin. Without it, I doubt I’d have finished this in time.

Great stuff! Did you render in Cycles or Blender Internal? The render looks really clean!

The robot is almost all cycles, save for one shot where he was rendered in open gl in a real time pbr build of blender. The garage backgrounds go back and forth between internal open gl and cycles.

That’s really a great work, how long did you rendered this 5 mins video?

A few days. I didn’t render it all though, someone in a blender skype group chat let me use their farm! I’m sure he has an account here, but I don’t think he uses his real name.