*not* a Claymore! [upd 03/02 pg. 3]

but still a Sword will be!

The handle and the Pommel in a stupid Probe environment

I tried to fake brushed metal on the pommel, coud be have been worse :wink:


Blade is already done, BgDM & basse could remember this thread so I actually only need a hilt


Very nice! That’s an immaculately clean render. Not sure about the brushed metal material, it’s too even imo, perfectly aligned ridges, more gives the impression of a precision engineered piece of metal, rather than something like brushed silver.

I love the material for the blue glass/stone (not sure what it’s meant to be), reflects the light very well.

Just an observation is that everything’s a bit too shiny as nice as it looks.

perhaps should you decrease the nor value of the brushed metal?
it seems to have been roughly machined and yet, strangely, been polished…

in a stupid Probe environment

heheheheheh :slight_smile: Come on now, don’t be so hard on yourself, some of the users here probably think a Probe environment is when you are abducted by aliens or something :wink: So at least you know how to use it.

Good job btw.

Great design and very nice materials. I like the clean and accurate look.

Very smooth render, I like it.

A very clean look, S68. Are the gold colored areas on the grip made from small spheres? They’re a bit small for me to be able to tell, but regardless, I like them a lot.



hehe, yep. right… mmmm…

Enamel? thermically treated steel? blackberry jam? I still have to figure out whjat it is :slight_smile:

I can try, indeed I have the strong impression that there is some issue in Blender texture interpolation here…

Oh! this could explain what those little green mens arond me are!

Thanx, I’ll work on hilt today :wink:

Yep, thanx, you cannot always go for photorealism!

Dupliframed icosphere along an helix, yep, about 3,800 of em…

Now, back to work!


Very nice. If you turned the handle and Pommel 90 degrees to the left you would have a very nice fantasy tower. Looking forward to the whole sword.
I like the detail as well as the materials alot.

nice, subtle brushed metal effect.


Thanx paradox and basse

I have full hilt now
Brushed metal looks cuter at this scale :slight_smile:
Gold dots less cute :frowning:



But I already had the full blade…

Well, update due soon then :wink:


beautiful :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t poke your wrist with that point :open_mouth:
Heh nice work so far. The materials look excellent.

Really nice hilt S68.

Can’t wait to see that blade again. Loved that one.


very nice, very useless fighting wise, so i call it artistic :smiley:
I hope to see more


Thanx talion, BgDM, Yeonil

Hehe, Here is a quick and dirty hand added to it… as you can see it is not that dangerous, anyway, as Yeonil pointed out this is more of a ceremonial item.



Beautiful design ! I love the shape of the blade (or is it really the blade?)

And I don’t think that the… thing(?) using it really cares about his wrist… Look at those nails, he must be scratching his skin to blood everytime he got an itch :wink:

Showoff :D, well I can’t stay mad at you. That looks great man!

all i can say is wow great work man thats beautiful i wonder how you did the hilt and how it crisscrosses

excellent hilt… in fact, the most creative I’ve ever seen, perhaps.