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somebody is about to get a nasty visit

This is a photo. By no means is this a 3d rendered picture. Never. Never ever.

This is a photo.
This is a render, there are a few things that show this, like the ground, its all crackly but the shadow looks like its on a smooth ground, maybe make it a rough/fuzzy around the edges?

Also the lighting/reflections on the car is abit confusing, the light on the buildings gives you the impression that its a narrow road, with the light coming from the top right, but on the car it shows trees and openess, and looks like the light is coming from the side rather than the top.

Excellent render, love the colour choice suites this perfectly. :slight_smile:

very nice … i like those wires.
the ground looks quite strange though.


nice texture work on the walls! I’m very interested in the car paint - could you post an image of the material settings or your .blend? was this just for fun? must have taken forever, between the textures and the car model (if you modeled it all yourself)…

You can tell that its a render by the textures. By the ground texture. It has no depth.
Otherwise good!

Nice image, indeed!

But seems at bit too soft, on the AA side as well as the modeling…

Some stylistic post-pro would have been nice also. A bit too unconsistant
colors at the moment…

Really nice buildings and car. But the elekticity cbles and glass insolator thing give the picture away.

But realllly nice buildings.

Another really great piece.


Oh, my god, that’s so realistic!
I like it!!!

It looks to me like the lighting up top is indoor lighting, but the lighting at the bottom half is outdoor lighting. I think if you made the lighting and textures more realistic that it would be a nearly perfect image.

You’ve got the modelling right, though. No crits from me on that.

make it b/w and it’ll no longer be a render :D.

Twas a joke, methinks.

Not bad at all, great modelling, there’s a slight like of realism. I guess the materials are just of a bit, but very nice image.

Very nice. What did you use as a reference for the car, though? To me the front wheel looks a little too far forwards.

wow! nice work dannybear! was it rendered in blender internal?

awesome car!!

Reminds me of that game Driver… :slight_smile: very nice… a tad soft though.

Please pleease post the material settings, that looks really amazing

Who’s car is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice render!

Awesome work mate well done!