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I am making my internship on communications eng. and my
programming skills are not very good. My task is porting sender-part
of a C code to python (the code is making video transportation over IP
using FLUTE protocol). I have never done such a thing before
(translating a code) I read some documents about C and try to remember
(I used it 7 years ago at school) and also read about Python ( used 5
years ago very basic things at school).

Has someone done this kind of tasks before? if yes could you please tell me What is the starting point that you can advice me?

What One should think first, if she wants to make a simple prototype?

What are the steps to make a simple prototype (not exactly the same C
code but something similar in Python)?

Is it very necessary to know the foresaid languages? Can I make it
without knowing the languages very well? [I have dawdled and now I have got a few days for the draft…]

If someone contact me and give time for helping me I would be really thankful (:

Thanks in advance and best wishes for 2006!

I wonder if Blender is the best app for this? Sounds like you need to find an interpreter (that works) that can parse C to Python AND send it on.

You might find something here:

or find somebody to talk to here:


I see you posted this in Python forum too… Bad Girl! Consider yourself spanked.

If I understand correctly

  1. You have some c code that transmits video using the flute protocol.

  2. You have to write the python equivalent for this c - code

If the code isn’t c++ but straight c and you have enough familiarity with the c-code to understand what it is doing it shouldn’t be to difficult. You should be able to write your port almost as a line by line translation. You have to know enough basic python syntax to loop, create functions etc. and then it is just a matter of looking up the equivalent commands.

If the code is object oriented c++ its a little trickier – you have to write and/or find python classes that have the same functionality as the c++ classes. If you are a poor coder and have no experience with object oriented code you probably have left the project too late.

Good luck,

Sorry for duplicate messages in the portal ):

I wanted to send a question to Python forum and did not notice that I sent it to the general part…

Yes the code is written in C so you say I can try line by line (:

I am going to keep on writing in Python forum!

Thank you for the answers…