Not able to select the vertices that i want to.


I dont remember this happening but I download the latest version from the blender site and I also download the latest graphic all 32bit version and in both versions I am having trouble selecting certain vertices.

In the default setup of blender when there is just a cube, trying to select a corner vertice selects a random vertice instead of the one you want.

Sometimes you get the one you want and sometimes not.

Is there an option in blender to fix this or is this a bug. Or maybe its my computer.

I’m running Windows Xp 32bit

2 gigs of ram
intel centrino processor
nvida 8400M

I’ve seen this issue reported a good few times. A couple of things to try.
Download a recent build from to see if it works any better.
Update your graphics card drivers. Rather than just use the update button in the driver window, actually go to the card manufacturers or the nvidia site and actually download the latest version.


Thanks for the ideas and I tried what you suggested but nothing works. Every time I try and select a vertice on the default cube its still random. LOL i dont know what to do. I have a desktop that quit working so I cant use blender on there anymore and my laptop is my only choice now.

Okay this is weird using wireframe mode now allows me to select what vertice I want. However when I go back into solid mode I cant select what vertice I want.

I think this is a platform specific bug. As Blender 2.5 in all the offical released builds never gave me this problem.

I saw a fourm post on here that had the same problem. which was a while ago and he was waiting for this to be fixed.

For abit of clarification I dont think my laptop was never meant to run windows xp it was originally vista and I hated vista and switched back to XP. There was alot of driver problems to begin with so maybe there is still problems with my laptop.

See if disabling anti-aliasing in the graphics card control panel helps.


HAHA I’m so happy I could give you a hug right now lol.

It worked thank you very much. I can now select vertices in solid mode. Best wishes for you today.

I was about ready to collapse into tears when I ran into a similar issue! Instead of crying I hit Google hard looking for a fix. Eventually I stumbled upon this thread and BOOM-BABY! Thank you so much for the tip!

My issue was similar, but it wouldn’t let me select ANYTHING in edit mode (unless I hit b and then it became random). Going into wireframe view did the trick for me.

Thank you so much!