Not able to set minus gravity?

I seem to have trouble with gravity these days, so here is another gravity related question:

The manual at says: Gravity, the amount of force in Z-axis direction. Earth gravity is a value close to 9.8 m/s2. Positive values make Softbodies drop; negative values make them rise.
But if I drag the Gravity values down, they stop at 0 (zero), and if I type in a negative number, it is reset by Blender to 0. I have also tried to set negative mass, but only with the same result.

I use Windows XP and Blender 2.45

Any suggestions?

i´d just turn the camera 180 degrees (upside down) that should give you the effect you want

Yes, maybe with a simple scene. But I am working on a hot air balloon with a gondola hanging below (swinging back and forth) and the whole thing moved by the wind. I guess I could set gravity to zero for the balloon, a low gravity for the gondola, and a wind lifting the balloon up, although it would be more elegant if I could find a way to set negative gravity and/or mass.

Hey! Someone reads the wiki! Yeah!

Bjorn added Negative gravity at my request an it is in SVN 2.46 RC1

Thanks! :smiley: I suspected that it could be a future feature.