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Impressive. One suggestion on the first pic: the particles coming off the side of the beam - where the beam passes through the last part of the dish, why are they still showing? Shouldn’t there be a gap there? If the particles are moving from the source instead of the sides, shouldn’t they stop altogether at that point as they hit it? Or have turbulence as they flow around the metal? Or perhaps the hole the beam goes through should be wider?

Hi nanobug,
thank you for your reply and you are totally right, the partikles are looking a bit strange at that part of the dish, maybe the collision modyfier helps

I like the modelling a lot, looks almost photo realistic. Maybe you could work a little more on the materials. They seem a bit too white and clean to me.

Thanks, that’s a good point, I will add a little bit of dirt to it.

i’m really interested in how you did that forest because whenever i do large particle systems like these they become absolutely impossible to render and/or display.