Not all animations exporting into .FBX file.

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly new to blender, so perhaps I’m making some simple mistake. However, it’s driving me up a wall and nothing I’ve tried has worked so far. What I am trying to do is to export a model and its animations to Unity via the .fbx format. Something is going wrong in my process though, and the end result is that I am missing animations from the exported file. I checked the file itself manually (although most of it is unreadable), and no mention of my other animations are contained in it, so I know it’s not a Unity import issue.

I have a model, and an armature hooked up to it. I don’t know how to necessarily link armatures to actions, but I am using the Dope Sheet and the Action Editor to create my animations. I have four of them.


All of them I have clicked the F button next to the action to make sure that Blender doesn’t delete it because it feels my work is pointless. (Why isn’t there just a delete button? Whatever~)

Now, as far as I’m concerned, and through watching other tutorials, I’m done right? So I go to export, select .fbx and viola! I’m presented with my .fbx file. Looking at it though, one thing is apparent, only the current action that I was looking at / editing is in the file, with one exception. Attack_1_1 is always in the resulting file as well. If I had Idle selected, the .fbx contains two animations. In the case that Attack_1_1 was selected, that is the only animation in the file. Why is this? What setting(s) do I need to mess with to get this to export the way I want, or what do / how do I link the actions to the armature?