not all faces drawn in game mode

When i enter game mode and look around at a cube i made into a square roof, not all of the faces are drawn so it looks kinda funny. any ideas how to fix this?

are you sure the faces aren’t drawn ever, or could it be that they’re only drawn from one side?

if the latter, then your normals are wrong. From looking at the outside of the cube do control+n [with eveyrthing selected] in edit mode, otherwise control+shift+n.

Realtime faces are one sided unless you click the twoside button in the edit buttons in face-mode – only sets selected faces to twoside. When Blender creates an object is assumes it is double sided (this is not realtime double sided tho), so when im working on models for the Game Engine I turn off ‘double sided’ (also in the edit buttons) then be sure your faces are facing the correct way. There is a ‘flip normals’ button (again in the edit buttons – in the mesh editing tab). Normals control which direction the face is facing, so flip the normals of any face that is facing the wrong direction.