Not all surface is is affected by the normal map.

(D1ll1ng) #1

Hello ppl of blenderartist

I can not seem to finde a solution to why blender does this.

I have a wall texture i made a complete square, it is UV maps, and it look good at the edges but not on the sides, i have full textures for diffuse, Normal, Specular.

Is there anybody who have tried the same thing before?

(RickyBlender) #2

bumps and normal map give a fake 3D effect at some specific angle
and no shadows either

if you need it total 3D then make a real model in blender

happy bl

(D1ll1ng) #3

Thanks for the fast answer :slight_smile:

It dont matter witch direction im watching the model from and how heigh i turn op the normal map, i cant se the changes in to of the faces :confused:

(D1ll1ng) #4

I found the problem!!! my normal map was set in Tangent Space in the normal map node. that is a mistake!!! object or world space it haves to be.