Not allowing me to save as a keyframe the rotation of a bone.

I just tried to animate a Skeleton I had rigged. It was working fine before 2.66. I had recently installed 2.66 and now every time I try to save a bone in pose modes rotation it says its saved but the bone will return to its original rotation. It seems to just be the rig in pose mode. I tried it on a completely different object in a whole different blender file and tried that rig and it did the same thing. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Just take a older blend file you had made before 2.66 it could be 2.65a or before that and then try to animate the rig in pose mode by rotating bones and see if it works as expected.

Is it keying the rotation? Maybe you’re just keying location or scale by accident?

Daren Nope I am keying the rotation. I have tried it several times and on several different blend files. Same result. Have you downloaded 2.66? I am using the one for Windows.If so if you have an older blend file with a rig try to do it. If you have done it and it worked let me know what normal addons that came with blender you have disabled. I have all enabled and that could be a problem.

Update I uninstalled and removed everything about blender then reinstalled it. Then before I enabled any addons I tested it. It worked fine. Now I will enable all the addons and see if it stops working again. If so then there is a bug in one of the addons. I added addons and it worked. Then I click something and it didn’t Its the Visual Keying checkbox in the users Preferences. See image. If that is checked it won’t save rotation in the pose mode for an armeture. If that is not supposed to happen it needs to be reported as a bug.