Not Animating in Render?

When played in the viewport via the timeline, the armature animation works.
However, when I render, the object stays static.


Bot.Spinning.blend (318 KB)

Works fine on my machine – what build of blender are you using?

hmm - it’s quite odd

you have animation on your armature, but there is no animation data present (ie. there are no fcurves or actions)

how did you animate it?

Im using 2.49b.

This will probably sound like the most nooby reply ever as I’ve only had the program for a week.
However, all I did was, add amatures to the 3 pieces of the mode (Large propeller, Main body, Small propeller). Then I keyframed the first 4 frames so the propeller rotated atleast 180degrees. Finally I added an action strip and repeated it several times using the “transform” window that comes up when I press “N”.

I know whats wrong. It’s the motion blur.
For some reason, with it enabled, the animation doesn’t render.