Not another lounge scene!

Yes another lounge scene but this this is my personal first attempt. Only took a few hours Sunday afternoon.
Only 1200 samples her as my Graphics card is getting but hot in this room. Will do higher quality render when I’m happy with it and at night when it’s cooler lol.

No Photoshop this time just had a go using blenders compositing.

Trying to make it a little more realistic so any comments or negative comments are welcome.

I have used some models from Blender Guru and my own which is only the centre table and vase.
Thanks for looking

I think it would add realism and interest if you replaced the vase with something old looking, like a native american basket, or an antique vase with a weathered surface.
(edit) although a basket could be really difficult.

I think the vase is really interesting, it was the first thing my eye went to. Like the window glow too. Have you checked out Andrew Price’s tut on atmospheric lighting?

Thanks for feedback. I wanted the vase to be a point of focus but might be right that the vase looks slightly out of place. Or i can try make my own furniture to complement it. I worked though Andrew Price’s tutorial for the lounge but will do the atmospheric lighting on this week. Will post next update when i get round to working on it this week.

Not an expert, in fact a beginner, but I think the floor is way to glossy.

Also, how many light bounces do you have?


Just took a look through the Atmospheric lighting tutorial you told me about Noob (why that name? haha). Unfortunately its CPU only and my poor old CPU will take days to do it. AMD Athlon II 620 x4 2.6 stock (Over-clocked to 3.4). Planning on upgrading soon in september so will have a play with other tricks until then. :slight_smile: